Getting your baby to sleep early at night

A lot of babies just refuse to sleep at night while their really tired mothers do everything to get them to bed so that they too can get some rest.

Personally, I tried a lot of things to get my own baby to sleep early without success until this one worked. Here is what I did;

  • Once it was 4pm, I refused to let my baby sleep.
  • I engaged him in multiple play to keep him awake until I was ready for his bedtime at 7 pm. As at that time, he was super exhausted and crying a bit.
  • I gave him a bath. At this time, I noticed his eyes had become droopy and he was very cranky.
  • Afterwards, I took him to a dark room to breastfeed. He slept off almost immediately!
  • I put him down on the bed he would sleep for the rest of the night. Not in the parlour with the tv on please!

I was amazed at how fast this worked. I continued the routine for about one week and he became a natural. He would play in the evening and dose off at night.

It’s always better to put your baby to bed between 6 pm and 8 pm; before he becomes cranky later at night.

You should give this a try too. It may teach your baby to sleep early at night.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section.


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