Getting your baby to sleep early at night

Here are tested and trusted tips to help you get your baby to bed early … More Getting your baby to sleep early at night


Happy Mothers Day!

Motherhood is a 24 hours job yet filled with sooooo much joy. Your daily ring tone is “Mommy, carry me; Mommy, I’m hungry; Mommy, I want to sleep on your bed; Mommy, that boy took my toy; Mommy, come and clean my bombom, Mommy there is something in my nose; Mummy, Mummy, Mummy….. I love, you, mommy”.

Mothers are always on duty even when asleep, yet most times, … More Happy Mothers Day!

How I had my baby in an Abuja Private Hospital

When I realized that the baby wasn’t planning on coming out soon, I elected to be induced on 5th of September, 3 days after my due date. My Doctor’s appointment was to be by 6pm.

On the D day, I decided to have sex with hubby in the hope that it would speed things along and it worked. I started contracting around 9am and … More How I had my baby in an Abuja Private Hospital

Natural Ways to Induce Labour

If you are overdue, you may begin to get cranky, feel tired of being pregnant or worry that your baby may grow too big to be delivered if it stays past your due date. Because of these, more than half of the women have resorted to at-home-methods to speed things along.

Some of these methods have critical unintended consequences to the growing baby. Note that before you are 39 weeks, it is advised that you allow your baby to continue growing in-utero unless medically advised otherwise.

If the baby hasn’t come after 39 weeks, you may consider some home induction methods but first lets’ weigh the pros and cons of each method. … More Natural Ways to Induce Labour